Clothes Minded buys seasonally and selectively. We buy based on condition, style, customer potentiality, trend, store need and brand. We do NOT buy undergarments, formal wear or lingerie. We will look at anything else clothing related such as hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags and shoes. We also buy vintage clothing that is in good condition. Please remember for all parties’ positive energy that if we pass on your garments there are other ways to sell your garments such as online selling and/or other consignment/resale businesses.

We buy each day that that we’re open. We do ask that you remain mindful of the fact that we see a large amount of clothing a day and have limited rack space so we are selective in what we are able to use. We stop buying one hour before we close. A trained buyer will look at your items and give the things we are able to use an appropriate resale value. Of that total resale value the seller may choose either 30% of the resale value in cash or 45% of the resale value in store credit on the spot. Store credit will not expire.